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1890 The Model Cookbook

Sold ! This book is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-04-14)
Price : US $7.50

1890 The Model Cookbook 1890 The Model Cookbook 1890 The Model Cookbook 1890 The Model Cookbook

A rare large cookbook that is 118 years old!  This 7'x10' 528 page cookbook is in remarkable condition considering its age.

It was written by Mrs. Frances Willey and published in 1890 by S.I. Bell & Company.

The index includes:

     Observation to housekeepers, table etiquette, soups, salads, fish, poultry, game, carving, sauces, desserts, breads, etc.

     But it also includes:

     Care of children, general rules for bathing, facts worth knowing, pertaining to houseplants, & miscellaneous tips for cleaning, just to name a few of the unusual topics addressed.

Most pages are adorned with a leafy pattern border in either light rose or light brown inks which also adds to its appeal.

I am including a loose-leaf type pamphlet that was printed in 1892 from the Domestic Science Department of the Massachusettes Charitable Mechinic Association and a small brochure titled 'The 'Ferris' Famous Hams & Bacons, Boston, 1892.  The loose-leaft pamphlet is very old & worn but worth keeping.  The brochure is in excellent condition.

This remarkable book is in good condition except for pages 471-528 which have a brown stain on lower corners that appears to be brown ink.  This does not interfere with the recipes.

As for the hardcover, you may think by looking at the photo that it i

Sold ! This book is sold (sold on 2007-04-14)

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CindiSu said...
I also have a Model Cookbook and cannot believe that it is not worth much more as it is such a treasure. Whomever bought it from you is a very lucky person and should consider themselve such, especially if they are a collector of cooking memorabilia. This is a wonderful book and I believe a very special specimen, especially with it personal notes and personal recipes of the owner such as mine has. To think that someone that long ago may have written in this book is food for the imagination.