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A History of Philosophy by F Copleston (9 volumes)

Sold ! This book is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-09-13)
Price : US $51.00

A History of Philosophy by F  Copleston (9 volumes) A History of Philosophy by F  Copleston (9 volumes)

I flipped through each of the 9 books and found no markings.  There may be one or two sentences where I previously used a hightlighter, but I couldn't find it.  Also, some of the pages of volume 1 are slightly wrinkled.  Apparently, several years ago I got caught in the rain with it.

I've supersized the photographs, so hopefully you can read the back of the book about the author.  The 2 books in the forefront are volumes 1 and 9, and the books in the background are volumes 2 through 8.

Volume 1:  Greece and Rome--From the Pre-Socratics to Plotinus

Volume 2:  Medieval Philosophy--From Augustine to Duns Scotus

Volume 3:  Late Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy--Ockham, Francis Bacon, and the Beginning of the Modern World

Volume 4:  Modern Philosophy--From Descartes to Leibniz

Volume 5:  Modern Philosophy--The British Philosophers from Hobbes to Hume

Volume 6:  Modern Philosophy--From the French Enlightenment to Kant

Volume 7:  Modern Philosophy--From the Post-Kantian Idealists to Marx, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche

Volume 8:  Modern Philosophy--Empiricism, Idealism, and Pragmatism in Britain and America

Volume 9:  Modern Philosophy--From the French Revolution to Sartre, Camus, and Levi-Strauss

Sold ! This book is sold (sold on 2008-09-13)

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