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The Land We Live In 1896 American History

Sold ! This book is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-09-19)
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The Land We Live In 1896 American History The Land We Live In 1896 American History The Land We Live In 1896 American History

This compact little book is a thoroughly detailed history of the United States, beginning with the origins of the American Indians and continuing to recent events of the mid-1890s. It presents a fascinating narrative that covers almost 300 years in the life of our country. It was written by Henry Mann and published in 1896 by The Christian Herald Bible House. It is 6 inches by 4-1/4 inches, and there are 336 pages.

Many examples of lesser known details about important events in the country’s history are presented here. For example, the Puritans reason for vigorously promoting education was to combat Satan’s attempt “to keep men from the knowledge of the Scriptures.” However, during the Salem witchcraft frenzy created by the Puritans, one of the leading persecutors was Dr. Increase Mather, president of Harvard University.

The Quaker William Penn, having been subjected to religious persecution in England, sought to base the laws of his Pennsylvania colony on the Golden Rule. He wanted Indians to be treated as equals of white men, and in matters of law involving an Indian, the jury should be half Indians and half white men. He declared that no one regardless of faith or origin should be molested in matters of faith or worship. However, he ultimately had to revise his goals to limit religious freedom to those professing the Christian faith.

In a chapter discussing the years after the Revolution, President Washington is described as having been bitterly assailed and slandered during his administration. He was accused of having monarchical ambitions and faced treachery from his cabinet.

Sold ! This book is sold (sold on 2008-09-19)

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