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Riehn Plumhoff: German Kettle Drum Banners Uhlans

Sold ! This book is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-09-30)
Price : US $69.68

Riehn  Plumhoff: German Kettle Drum Banners   Uhlans Riehn  Plumhoff: German Kettle Drum Banners   Uhlans

Professionally Hand Colored by Artist/Historian

Richard K. Riehn

From the Extraordinary Winter Publication

Pauken und Paukenbehange der Deutschen Kavallerie
by Fritz Plumhoff


Imperial German Kettle Drum Banners
Uhlan Regiment Nr. 5 & Nr. 7

Section of Four (4) handcolored plates 


Not all regiments had kettledrums, but those that did had different banners to be used on parade and for 'Undress'.  Plumhoff covers most (if not all of them) from Frederick the Great (I think there is only one or two from this period) through the third Reich.  Most are from the period prior to WWI.


Dick Riehn translated the original work by Plumhoff and colored these plates by hand based upon his research. The original illustrations were transferred onto 'papier Arches' watercolor paper and colored by Riehn.  All the plates have good unit designations.  Due to the poor production of the original work and due to the imperfect photocopying of doctorfatty onto watercolor paper, some of the prints are off-center (you can see that on the scans).


These plates are original prototypes that were ultimately intended to be published but never were.  Some of the plates have corrections which are evident but not obnoxious. 


I am always happy to combine wins to save on shipping.

Sold ! This book is sold (sold on 2008-09-30)

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