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Facing Up by Arthur Tress

Sold ! This book is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-11-02)
Price : US $9.99

Facing Up by Arthur Tress Facing Up by Arthur Tress Facing Up by Arthur Tress

Facing Up by Arthjur Tress 1980

Edited by Bernard Letu

10 5/8” x 8 ½”

ISBN 0-312-81776-2

Condition: Very good, some light scuffing on the cover. This edition has 2 ISBN, on on the back and the one listed on a paper label attached by the printer, Roto-Sadag of Genev, Switzerland.

Arthur Tress, the noted American photographer was born on November 24, 1940 in Brooklyn, NY.  He is well known for his staged surrealism and exposition of the human body.

Abraham Lincoln High School, Coney Island, New York
B.F.A. Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Film School in Paris France
Currently he resides in Cambria, California

He took his first photograph at age 12. Arthur Tress' first subjects were circus freaks and dilapidated buildings around Coney Island where he grew up. The youngest of three children in a divorced family, Arthur spent time in his early life with both of his parents: his father who re-married and lived in an upper class neighborhood and his mother, who remained single after the divorce and whose life was not nearly so luxurious. In high school, he also studied the art of painting.

After graduating from Bard College with a BFA in 1962, Arthur moved to Paris, France to attend Film School. While living in France, Arthur traveled to many locations, including Japan, Africa, Mexico, and through most of Europe. While on these journeys, he observed many secluded tribes and cultures. He was fascinated by the roles played by the shaman of the different people groups he visited. The cultures he was intr

Sold ! This book is sold (sold on 2008-11-02)

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