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51 Volumes Britannica Great Books 1980 Editions

Sold ! This book is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-11-07)
Price : US $27.00

51 Volumes Britannica Great Books 1980 Editions 51 Volumes Britannica Great Books 1980 Editions 51 Volumes Britannica Great Books 1980 Editions

Not a complete set but still a very nice set to add to your collection. Great Books of the Western World. Many are still in shrinkwrap except volumes 1,2,5,19,18,20,27,34,38,43 and 54. . these are the 1980 23rd printings. books are in excellent cond. they are #1 - The Great Conversation, #2 - The Graet Idea A Syntopicon 1 Angel to Love, #5 - Aeschylus Euripides Aristophanes.  #4 Illiad of Homer/ The Odyssey. 6 - Herodotus/Thucydides. 8-Aristotle #1, 9 - Aristotle # 2. 10- Hippocrates/Galen. 11-Euclid/Archimedes/Apollonius of Perga/Nicomachus. 12-Lucretius/Epictetus/M.Aurelius. 13-Virgil. 14-Plutarch. 15-Tacitus. 16-Ptolemy/Copernicus/Kepler. 17-Plotinus. 18-Augustine. 19- Thomas Aquinas #1 , 20- Thomas Aquinas #2. 21-Dante. 22-Chaucer. 23-Machiavelli/Honnes. 24-Rabelais. 25-Montaigne. 26-Shakespeare #1. 27-Shakespeare #2. 28-Gilbert/Galileo/Harvey. 29-Cervantes. 30-Francis Bacon. 31- Descartes Spinoza,  32-Milton. 33- Pascal, 34-Newton/Huygens. 35-Locke/Berkeley/Hume. 36-Swift/Sterne. 37-Fielding. 38-Montesquieu/Rousseau. 39-Adam Smith.40-Gibbon #1. 41-Gibbon #2. 42-Kant. 43-American State Papers/Federalists/J.S. Mill. 44-Boswell. 45-Lavoisier/Fourier/Faraday. 46-Hegel. 47-Gocthe. 48-Melville. 49-Darwin. 51-Tolstoy. 52-Dostoevsky.53-Willaim James. 54-Freud.  These will be shipped in 2 boxes. each bos will weigh about 35 pounds each for a total of 70 pounds. they will be shipped media mail.

Sold ! This book is sold (sold on 2008-11-07)

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